GG - Greater Good

whatsapp of GG

Guidelines of Group (GG) as of 2017oct
1) Please, Lets try to be good-guys & good-girls(GG) 
to help/serve/care all in universe
2) Please save this number in your contacts to receive updates
3) You can “unsubscribe/quit” us or “resubscribe/rejoin” us anytime
This is God’s Temple/Church (God’s Governance), 
so,you can come & go anytime, No rules, No restrictions, No limits !
4) Please use “mute” option, if you want to avoid sounds of this group
5) If we feel uncomfortable to be in this group, plz contact us, 
We will find some solution to the problem, We are already working on
 more personalised groups for all individuals with better features,
 like disabling notification, etc
6) Contact us if you are interested to be be co-admin of group
7) All citizens of universe are naturally members of GreaterGood GG