GG - Greater Good

International Days Calendar

Jan1 NewYear Day (New Hope Day)
Jan6 Four Freedoms Day
Jan8 League-of-nations-day (fourteen-points-day)
Jan10 Free Forever Light day (nikola tesla day)
Jan-mid Pongal Festival

Jan-3rd-week Thirukural-Day (also thiruvalluvar day)
Jan26 Republic Day (india)
Jan27 holocaust remembrance & prevention day
Feb14 International Love Day
Feb15 chelyabinsk meteor awareness day
Mar8 International Women's Day
Mar14 Help Humanity Forward Day (Einstein Day)
Mar20- International Day of Happiness
Apr22 International Mother Earth Day
Apr23 English Language Day ( Shakespeare birthday)
May1 International Workers Day
May 2nd Sun- Mothers Day
May3 World Press Freedom Day
May8 International RedCross Day
May8–9 Ending Day of World War 1945
May12 International Nursing Day
May29 International Day of Peacekeepers
Jun5 World Environment Day
Jun7 greater good definition day ( GG Harvard Commencement speech day)
Jun10 Peace Definition & Meaning Day (JFK’s speech-day on world-peace)
Jun12 World Day Against Child Labour
Jun30 - Day of Sustainably Reducing Natural Disasters(tunguska event day)
Jul4 Day of securing the life,liberty,pursuit of happiness; govt definition day
Jul30 & Aug-1st-sun  International Friendship Day
Aug15 Day of Peaceful transfer of Power (indian independence day)
Aug17 better future day (ronald reagan's speech at RNC on 1992aug17 )
Aug20 Better Universe Day ( Narayan Murthy’s autobiography Day)
Aug26 Day for remembrance of serving lesser fortunate citizens in world(Teresa day)
Sep5 International Day of Charity (mother teresa death day)
Sep11 international day of brothers/sisters (day of parliament of world religion)
Sep15 international Democracy Day
Sep21 Universal Peace Day
Sep26 International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Sep30 International Translation Day
Sep/Oct Vijayadashami/Dasara/Pooja festivals
Oct2 non-violence day, UF-day; day of rights of animals & other non-human-lives
Oct13 International Day for Disaster Reduction
Oct17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Oct24 United Nations Charter Day
Oct28 free high-quality healthcare day ((jonas salk day) 
Oct/Nov Diwali Festival Day
Nov-3rd-Sun international Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
Nov20 international Childrens Day
Nov26 Constitution Day(india)
Dec10 Human Rights Day &  UDHR-day
Dec25 Good-governance-day in india, Christmas-Day
Dec26 Tsunami & Other Natural-disasters Awareness Day
Dec31 New Year Eve Day