GG - Greater Good

FAQs General

1) what is GG/GGO?
GGO, mostly meaning greater-good-organisation, is an international multi-universe organisation working for promoting/upvoting all the good/great values & ideas in the world/universe.

2) What are top acronyms/abbreviations of GG?
1) greater good or great governance or good governance, 2) global good or good globe, 3) govt of govts, 4) gentle-governance, 5) good globe/galaxy/world/universe, 6) group of groups (family of families, union of unions of world/universe), 7) Guarantee Goodness/Greatness, 8) guide goodness/greatness or good/great guidance, 9) God's goodness/greatness, Gods's governance/govt or governance/govt by gods, 10) global-goals (United-Nations's sustainable development goals 2015 or millennium development goals 2000 ), 11) good/great-doers group, 12) Goodness/Greatness group, etc; Plz feel free to add your own, GG is your organisation, working for betterment of universe for members like you!

3) who founded GG?

our ancestors/predecessors/forefathers/grandparents/etc, GG is as old of universe and as old as our planet earth, Since the adam & eve’s time (first humans of earth), Our ancestors built many institutions for good-governance in universe with different names in their languages, Since english-language came late in history, GG became popular very late only, However there were many GGs for good-governance even 10,000 years ago, Have you seen 10,000-BC hollywood english movie released in year 2007 ?, Adam & Eve as mentioned in bible are first rightful human-cofounders of GG.

4) who first coined the term GG?
Adam & Eve are first human-members & thereby coiners of word GG, but according to wikipedia, the word GG was coined by woodrow-wilson when he cofounded League-of-nations to prevent world-war, he used words Govt-of-Govts, In recent history, GG good-governance-day was introduced by indian-govt on 2014-dec-25 on 100th-anniversary of stopping world-war-one in 1914-dec-14 during christmas-truce, which is also former prime minister vajyapee's birthday who was head of delegation of indian-diplomats at united-nations's millennium summit in 2000-sep, when GG global-goals was adopted as millennium development goals, Thirukural wrote GG (god's governance) as 1st verse of his famous literature thirukural 2,000 years ago itself, Our ancestors always mentioned gods as first sentence of their works, where its magna-carta 1215, or USA's declaration of indepedence 1776, GG is common thing in all good/great works done by our ancestors.

5) when is founding year of GG?
Originally its Birth/Start of universe, 13-billion years ago. However, we started using word GG after indian-govt announced dec25 as GG-day (good-governance) in 2014-dec-25 to mark the 100th-anniversary of stopping of world-war-one on1914-dec-14 during christmas-truce

6) When is founding day of GG?
There are multiple days, & here we primarily follow good-governance-day dec-25 as introduced by indian-govt on 2014-dec-25 to mark 100th-anniversary of stopping world-war-one on1914-dec-14 during christmas-truce, We also celebrate all the international-observances of united-nations as GG-days, particularly the world-peace-day sep21, Friendship-day jul30, etc. Everyday is GG-day !!!

7) what is GG's ultimate purpose?
Its ultimate purpose is same as many other great/good institutions in world today i.e promoting/upvoting good/great-governance for all, fairness, friendships, world-peace, sustainably reducing inequities, more-ideal and more-perfect universe, etc

8) what is GG's vision and mission?
GG mainly follows the official mission & vision of united-nations (born 1940s) as defined in UN-charter-1945 (i.e "save succeeding generations from wars") and in four-freedoms-speech 1941-jan-6 (freedom of speech/expression, freedom of worship, freedom from fear, freedom from want)

9) What is the metric/methodology to judge and measure the value, success and the achievement of GG?
It depends on several-metrics/parameters particularly the ideal-universe for all i.e rich & poor, old & young, west & east, etc;  For example, GG calculates success/value/achievement based on numbers of beneficiaries it sustainably helped/served, currently in 2017 the world-human-population is 7.7-billion plus, GG also does measurement t by "sustainably-reducing-inequities-of-world/universe" as mentioned by bill-gates in his harvard-university-speech 2007-jun-7, Also beneficiaries are not just human-citizens but all earthlings are taken in numbers.

10) How much budget/financials GG spends daily/weekly/monthly/yearly ?
First of all, GG is institution driven primarily by good faith, not by funds, All  transactions will be totally transparent because GG is temple/church & such divinely/holy institution cannot hide its transactions 

11) Where and how many offices are there for GG & where its located?
GG follows 2011's hollywood english movie Green-Lantern’s idea of "dividing the universe into 3,600 constituencies/member-states", Thus it will have atleast 3,600 main constituency or member-states-offices across entire-universe, and there will be many subsidiaries working under these main offices; GG is also organised like "solar-system family" (which is its primary-logo/symbol) with eight main planets revolving sun, similarly, we have eight main offices 1) north-east, 2) north-west, 3) south-east, 4) south-west, 5) east-mid, 6) west-mid, 7) north-mid, 8) south-mid, Combining these offices is central-command which is like sun & it will be free and open to all in universe, This eight-office structure is also inspired by eight millennium development goals or global-goals of year 2000. We also follow olympics-symbol five-circles, so we also have five main continental-offices across five different continents/Landmasses of earth, i.e africa, americas, asia, europe, oceania (in alphabetical order), Also this model is inspired by captain-planet-cartoon-series-1990s; 

13) Tell us about Leaderships teams of gods & humans in GG & how they work?
GG is led of idea of good-governance and gods ; Human-citizens working in UN often try to build institutions of Good-governance, The leadership candidates are elected periodically by voting, Rotational-leadership principle is followed, GG is more institutional-leadership than individual-leadership, "We the people" is starting words of GG-constitution, so its upto people of different constituencies to elect/appoint their leadership/teams.
GG follows principle of secretary-general leading the organisation, inspired by united-nations & its mother league-of-nations & many more similar international-organisations, the human-leadership-team will have working-title with names “co-leader of respective branch of governance of respective constituency/member-state”, etc, Most popular title is "executive" leader/director, rather than secretary-general, Human-leadership is only second-in-command next to supreme-leadership of good-governance or gods, Only immortal-candidates can help long-time success of good-governance & inspire good-governance, hence we choose gods as commander-in-chiefs

14) What is tenure or term-limit/lengths of human-leadership-team of GG?
Weekly is most popular tenure or term-limit/lengths in GG, since we observe sunday as gods-day, popularly in Christianity, Human-leadership-team must get re-elected weekly to continue their service in UN, Daily-tenure is also followed in many constituencies

15) what is working-title of top human-leadership in GG?
As discussed in earlier, the working-title is “Co-leader of respective branch of governance of respective constituency/member-state”

16) What are languages used in activities of GG?
united-nations (born 1940s) currently follows six languages in which all its activities are documentated, We agree with this and in addition we use other languages like tamil, etc, Ideally we must work on all languages in universe, we are trying for that.

17) what is flag of GG?
The flag of whiteCross is currently the primary flag of GG, Its purpose is to work for clean white universe without bloodshed, It was inspired by redcross, which was given 1st nobel-peace-prize in 1901, We also use olympic-flag of five-circles in black and white with or without peace-dove in it

18) what is song of GG
"Heal the world" 1991 song by michael-jackson, and many other good-songs in different-languages

19) why GG refuses copyright/trademark any of its offerings/products/services?
GG is not private-property, its temple/church for all, and such institution cannot be copyrighted or trademarked, because its open free to all children and forever !

20) Is GG a religious or a scientific or combination of both kind of organisation?
Good-governance is supreme-idea of UN, so we combine best of religions and sciences to offer maximum number good-governance

21)  How many employees work in GG & how they work?
UN is a Church/temple or an institution of universal-friendship/peace, built by hardwork/goodwill of our ancestors in long history of Time, thus all citizens of universe are children in GG's point-of-view, so its better to call citizens/members as children rather than employees, It doesn’t matter how many employees work for GG, because GG will try to save/heal/help all children with current full-time working-citizens which may vary time to time by rotational-leadership, GG's success and achievement is NOT measured by how many full-time citizens/members it has, but rather how many it sustainably saves/serves/heals/helps in entire-universe, Jesus sustainably saved universe with just twelve-member team, So please do better numbering based on number of inequities it sustainably-reduced, rather than full-time workers of GG

22) what are GG's flagship products/services/works?
check -

23) Tell us something about GG's membership id for all i.e GG-ID ?
GG-id is unique-id for all members/citizens of GG in universe, By default, all in universe are members/citizens of GG, This is clearly stated in GG-constitution, hence everyone will be given this unique-id based on date-of-birth, with minimum two-digit ID based on member's birth-century, starts with "19" for 20th-century-borns & starts with "20" with 21st-century-borns, unique-id combines date-of-birth with geographical-coordinates-of-birth of the member/citizen (Latitude/Longitude), However since we cannot exactly knew the d-o-b & place-of-birth of all 7.7+ billion human-citizens of universe, so we limit this id to minimum two-digits, the century of birth. Extensions are added depending on situations. Example, The writer of this website is born on 1983-aug-17 in madurai-indian-constituency, so his unique GG-id is "1983/aug/17/Lat/Long/xyz" or "1983/008/17/Lat/Long/xyz" or simply "Mr.19" or "Mr.1980s" or "Mr.1983" etc, where xyz is extention

24) Anyone can voluntary join/quit/comeback GG anytime according to their free will, Is that right?
yes, first rule is freedom of speech, yes, Anyone can voluntarily join/quit/comeback GG anytime

25) Is GG registered Organisation with lands/nations where they operate?

GG is about supremacy/ultimacy of greater-good-sustainability GGS which more important than getting registered, As of 2017aug, we don't have bank-account of this institution & we never accepted donation/money from anyone so far, we have not yet into a situation of registering, however we believe, in order to be honest hardworking taxpayer, we must be atleast registered in some-kind, hence we are seriously working to register ourself as "international non-profit", Current indian-laws such as trust/society/NGO aren't exactly the type of our organisation, so its getting delayed, If united-nations in america is shifted to india & registered in india, what type of registration that would be? We still dont know the answer in india, but working seriously to sustainable solution/answer for question of world-peace !!!

 25) etc etc, to be continued