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Fair Play

Lets look at FIFA's ideas on Fair Play, from 2016oct FIFA's regulations 80-page PDF document !



1 / 80"REGULATIONS 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™


Behaviour of the crowd
Minimum 1 point
Maximum 5 points
The crowd is considered to be an integral part of a football match. Fans can
contribute to the positive atmosphere of a match by encouraging their team
by cheering and singing, etc. in the spirit of fair play.
Spectators are, however, expected to respect the opponents and the referee.
They should appreciate the opponents’ performance regardless of the result
and in no way intimidate or frighten opponents, the referee or the opponents’
 members of FIFA may give a short
oral account of the teams’ fair play performance to explain the positive and
negative factors, which form the basis of their assessment. The account may
also point out any outstanding gestures of fair play from a player, official,
referee or any other person.

I. General provisions
As part of its campaign to promote fair play, FIFA regularly holds a fair play
contest during its championships, based on an appraisal of the teams’ conduct
by a FIFA delegate such as the FIFA Match Commissioner, a member of the
Technical Study Group or a member of a standing committee.
FIFA will award the team that wins the fair play contest a trophy, a medal
for each player and official, and a diploma, all of which the team can keep