GG - Greater Good

By: gghqs1 | December 07, 2017

Upcoming, dec-25 is GG-day good-governance-day as announced by indian--govt since 2014-dec-25 as 100th anniversary of stopping world-war-one in 1914-christmas-day , As GG belongs owned controlled by all citizens in universe, We want to rank the best initiatives & institutions of GG with indian-flavor, Hence introducng GG-sensex, similar to BSE-sensex (bombay stock exchange’s sensitivity index)
GG-sensex is about being sensitivity to big inequities/unfairness in world/universe (example global-poverty, etc) & responding with sustainable long-time solutions, Whoever does this better will be given higher ranks & better marketcaps !
Currently, the BSE-sensex lists organisations of companies-categories , but GG-sensex will include all types of works including govts and non-profits !
our website will have separate page with live updates on this

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