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By: gghqs1 | July 02, 2018

Jan - Republic & Freedom Day Month

Jan1 New year/hope day, UN declaration  day, Time Start Day

Jan6 Four Freedoms Day; (State of union-day)

Jan8 League-of-nations-day (14-points-day)

Jan10 free forever Light day (nikola tesla day)

Jan15 good dream day( mlk-day);neutrality-day(wikip)

Jan15/16 thirukkural/thiruvalluvar/gods first day

Jan-mid Pongal Festival

Jan24 non-profit day; creative capitalism day

Jan26 Republic Day (india)

Jan27 holocaust remembrance & prevention day

Jan30 martyrs day, FDR day

Feb- Love Day Month

Feb3 magellan day, feb4 Anti- cancer day

Feb12 of/by/for the citizens day (Lincoln day)

Feb14 International Love Day

Feb15 chelyabinsk meteor awareness day

Feb 3rd monday(15–21) Leadership/President’s Day

Mar-  Equality Day & Helping Day month

Mar4- good gov day ( thomas jefferson inauguration day)

Mar8 Women's Day or Gender Equality Day

Mar14 Help Humanity Forward Day (Einstein Day)

Mar20- International Day of Happiness

Mar22- Water Day

Mar-Apr- Good Friday & Easter-Day

Apr- Earth/Nature Day Month

Apr4- your potential our passion day(ms-day)

Apr7 World Health Day

Apr14 law & order day( ambedkar),honesty day

Apr22 International Mother Earth Day

Apr23 English Language Day

Apr25 universal family day,abdul kalam eu day

May- Workers Day Month

May1 International Workers Day

May3 World Press Freedom Day

May4 Firefighter’s Day

May 2nd Sunday- Mother's Day

May8 RedCross Day; Greater Good movie day

May8–9 Ending Day of World War 1945

May12 International Nursing Day

May24 Day of Inconvenient Truth movie

May29 International Day of Peacekeepers

May-Last-monday Memorials Day

May/june- Ramadan

Jun- Environment day month

Jun1 World parents day

Jun5 World Environment Day

Jun7 greater good definition day ( GG Harvard Commencement speech day)

Jun8 oceans day

Jun10 Peace Definition & Meaning Day (JFK’s speech-day on world-peace)

Jun12 World Day Against Child Labour

Jun14 World  Blood Donor Day

Jun15  Magna Carta day; massachusetts constitution day

Jun 3rd sunday- Father's Day

Jun20 refugees day

Jun21- Yoga day, physical fitness day

Jun23- Public Services Day; olympic day, Sports Day

Jun26- UN charter signing day; Save Succeeding Generations Day; Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Jun38 Versailles treaty day; jun30 tunguska event day

Jul-  Safety & Life Liberty Pursuit of Happiness (LLPH) Day Month

Jul4 safety day; life,liberty,pursuit of happiness LLPH day ; govt day

Jul11 World Population Day

Jul15 school children day ( kamaraj day); jul21- moon landing day

Jul18- equal justice day ( nelson mandela day)

Jul30 & Aug-1st-sun  International Friendship Day

Aug- Friendship Day Month

jul30 & Aug-1st-sun  International Friendship Day

Aug6/9- prevention day of usage of weapons/lethals/harmfuls (hiroshima/nagasaki)

Aug14 Atlantic Charter Day

Aug15 Day of Peaceful transfer of Power ; indian independence day

Aug17 better future day (ronald reagan's speech at RNC on 1992aug17 )

Aug20 Better Universe Day; compasion day  ( Narayan Murthy’s autobiography Day)

Aug26 Day of serving lesser fortunate underprivileged  citizens in world(Teresa day)

Aug29- Day against Weapons Testing

Sep- Peace Day & Sustainable Development Day Month

Sep 1st monday Labor-Day(1-7)

Sep4 dont be evil day ( google day)

Sep6 good purpose day

Sep5 International Day of Charity (mother teresa death day)

Sep8 MDG Millennium Development Goals day, Poverty line reform day; Star Trek Day

Sep10 world day of Prevention of Suicide

Sep11 day of brothers/sisters (day of parliament of world religion); Anti-terrorism-day, 911 phone day

Sep16- Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Sep15 international Democracy Day

Sep21 Universal Peace Day; sep24 Mars Orbiter Mission day

Sep25 Day of global goals or sustainable development goals

Sep26 International Day for the Total Elimination of Weapons

Sep28- Day for Universal Access to Information

Sep30 International Translation Day

Sep/Oct/Nov Diwali Festival Day; Vijayadashami/Dasara/Pooja festivals

Oct- Unity/Union day & NonViolence Day  month

Oct2 nonViolence day,UF-day,day of rights of animals & other non-human-lives (gandhi-day)

Oct5- teachers day

Oct10- mental health day; Ten Commandments day (10/10)

Oct11- Eleanor Roosevelt day

Oct12 better organised world for peace day( nobel peace for UN day)

Oct13 Disaster Reduction day; finance reform day ( microfinance nobel peace day)

Oct15 students day

Oct17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct21 nobel prize day( alfred nobel day)

Oct24 United Nations Charter Day

Oct28 free forever high-quality universal healthcare day; doctors day;  (jonas salk day)

Nov- Children's Day Month

Nov-3rd-Sun international Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Nov8 Day on honest monetisation for better world

Nov11- Veterans Day

Nov13 World Kindness Day

Nov19 World Toilet Day

Nov20 international Children's Day; Nov23- Heal the World Song Day

Nov 4th thursday(22–28)- Thanksgiving Day

Nov26 Constitution Day(india)

Dec- Universal-Rights Day Month

Dec9 Anti-corruption-day

Dec10 Human Rights Day & UDHR-day

Dec11 UNICEF day

Dec12 Universal Health Coverage Day, climate deal day

Dec25 Good-governance-day (india) & Christmas-Day

Dec26 Tsunami & Other Natural-disasters Awareness Day

Dec31 New Year Eve Day, End of Time Day

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