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By: gghqs1 | July 02, 2018

 to my dear friends & fellow residents/citizens/members of our only home universe, Lets work together and help forward long-time betterment in universe LTBU !
1) My dear friends & fellow residents of universe, 
Today 2018jun30, i am humbly requesting you on the event of 73rd anniversary of signing of charter of united-nations since 1945jun26, 
2) Our ancestors/predecessors were compassionate/merciful/kind towards us and so they worked together for long-time betterment in our home universe, The charter of UN, signed this week (check photo attached) by all nations in world is result of it, the charter's heart is written "Save succeeding generations" SSG, 
3) but today, the good-doings/works done of our predecessors is being underValued, forgotten, disrespected, How can we let this happen??, How can we let down our creators/saviours ??, Hence i am writing to you today, lets work together better to uphold/upvote the good-standards/traditions/laws/rules/etc set by our ancestors/predecessors, 
4) The many institutions of peace/friendships/unions built by long history of our predecessors is declining/falling/downing, We cannot let morality & ethics to decline in our only home universe, hence lets work together.
5) The greatest gift given by our ancestors/predecessors is time, which is foundation for all good progress/advancement/growth in universe, The timeline is built using time, 
Our ancestors/predecessors organised timeline based on christ's good doing of sacrificing self for the long-time good-benefit of others in rest of the universe, they called that day is called good-friday since 2,000 years ago, ( BC & AD- before christ & after death)
6) but today, the governance/administration is world/universe is more dominated by power & money, rather than good values such as honesty/morals/ethics. The "Unlimited good sustainability UGS" serving servants like mother-nature is being devalued, disrespected, downplayed, How can we let this happen? who is responsible for this ??/, Its we !!!
7) We can restore the highest honesty/morals/ethics in universe, by working together, they way our ancestors/predecessors worked together for saving us, They gave us way, showed us path, Its upto us to follow it, as their good-children !
8) Today, i would like to introduce you UDR "Universal Declaration of Rights", the biggest & proudest achievement of we earthlings in 20th-century, created in year 1948, 
The first article says "All beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood"
9) This UDR is single "greatest 'IDEA' in our home globe", which we call GG, in combining with several good-ideas in globe like honesty, decency, friendship, fairness, love, peace, freedom, compassion, kindness, etc
10) Every year, the noble-prizes, particularly on economics-nobel-prize, is given based on "greatest benefit to mankind" as per alfred-nobel's last-will year 1895, source-
But, do the current economics in world really beneficial to our mankind now, or home universe in general ?, considering the big income-inequalities in world ??
The mother-nature, the highest-economics servant, which gives free forever home/office/etc for us, but the artificially made excessive money/economics is sometimes ruining our home earth, How can we let this happen?
11) Lets work together for globe of goodness/greatness, which would make our ancestors/predecessors & successors proud of !
12) The global-goals-2015 ( introduced by our recent predecessors is best step forward in this decade 2010s, combining this with long-time of best-things since founding of universe 13-billion-years ago, We introduced GG-movement, All citizens of globe are real owners & leaders of GG, its upto us to decide what kind of home-globe we want to live, Whether the home run by sustainable-compassion or by unsustainable-currency, 
Hence, we call upon all our friends & fellow residents in our home universe, Lets unite & work together
13) The current website of GG is just like temple/church to represent goodness in globe, such as vatican-church representing christian-values, We request your feedback/suggestion on improvement/betterment, as you are its truest/honest owners/leaders, GG is non-profit movement, as sustainable-service is better achieved in long-run by non-profit than profits, mother-nature is everyday living proof of it, The non-profits are often run by goodwill & goodGrace (GG), Hence your GG is forever depending on your goodwill & goodgrace, just like vatican-church depending christian-faith across world !
14) GG doesn't have central-leadership, the only-scientific-natural-central-leadership is mother-nature as it is center of universe, as sun is center of our solar-system & earth resolves around it, The GG is basically decentralised, bottom-to-top movement, so plz lets try to make our home-constituency from where we stand, as better place for global-good, thats better contribution/volunteerism for GG !
15) Conclusion
Three main points, again we want to emphasize
1) GG is run only by your GoodWill & GoodGrace, hence its name is GG
2) GG is decentralised, as mother-nature is only central-leadership,, Everyone are owners of GG, its upto us to decide what kind of good-globe we want to give for our friends & fellow-citizens & future-generations in universe
3) Lets work together as one-universal-family, which would make proud our ancestors/predecessors & successors, Its better we put universe as center than putting self as center!

Manoj Than ( Greater Good, Global Good, etc)

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