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By: gghqs1 | August 22, 2018

Friends & fellow residents of our home universe, 
The ongoing kerala-flood-relief, shows the importance of global-effort in helping each other during emergency/urgency, To make  it easy to do more good & boost-up the goodwill, its better to be an "international-non-profit", & for that registering in USA is advantage; 
Our GG&UC belongs to all good-galaxians & citizens-of-universe, like you, & its you to decide, what type of organisation/institution it must be, 
Below is list of types of NonProfits in USA, used by USA-govt to classify non-profits, we have picked five-categories for your quick-look, plz refer all categories & let us know your opinion/viewpoint ASAP, on best possible category for registering our GG&UC
NTEE National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Classification System, to classify nonprofit organizations.
NTEE Classification System developed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics,The classifies nonprofit organizations using this system.
(below is list of popular five-categories only,)
A Arts, Culture, and Humanities
A01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
A02 Management & Technical Assistance
A03 Professional Societies & Associations
C Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification
C01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
C02 Management & Technical Assistance
C03 Professional Societies & Associations
C30 Natural Resource Conservation and Protection
I Legal Related
I01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
I02 Management & Technical Assistance
I03 Professional Societies & Associations
J Employment, Job Related
J32 Goodwill Industries
J40 Labor Unions/Organizations
M Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief
M01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
M20 Disaster Preparedness and Relief Service
M23 Search and Rescue Services
M42 Automotive Safety
Q International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security
Q01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
Q02 Management & Technical Assistance
Q03 Professional Societies & Associations
Q30 International Development, Relief Services
Q33 International Relief
Q40 International Peace and Security
Q41 Arms Control, Peace Organizations
Q42 United Nations Association
Q70 International Human Rights
Q71 International Migration, Refugee Issues
Z Unknown
Z99 Unknown

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