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By: gghqs1 | August 14, 2018



Martin Luther King said, 
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'-MLK, 
In search of answer for this idea in universe, the GG/UC was introduced, GG/UC is about good-galaxians & citizens of universe like you, who are working towards greater-good & unity in our home universal constituency !
To do good in organised way, & to be widely accepted, its better to be law-abiding-constituent/citizen, hence its better to register GG/UC under laws of indian-govt, but the title/name & central-office is not finalised as all citizens/galaxians in universe like you, have to be consulted as its your UC/GG, hence writing to you today,
Here is two-ways to share your viewspoints on GG/UC
1) Indirectly share it in your friends/family circle( e.g social-media-posts), we will get it from there
2) Directly contact GG/UC - i), ii) fb-GGhqs1, iii) twitter-GGhqs, iv) +91-8610176083 (whatsapp)
below are 11-types of organisation/institution accepted under indian-govt's laws, the non-profit-type is best possible for GG/UC, please suggest a best possible registered name/title & preferred place of location of central-office( although scientifically mother-nature is central-office as it is center of solar-system), 
1 FLC: Financial Lease Company as Public Limited
2 FTC: Subsidiary of a Foreign Company as Private Limited Company
3 GAP: General Association Public
4 GAT: General Association Private
5 GOI: Companies owned by Govt. Of India
6 NPL: Not For Profits License Company
7 PLC: Public Limited Company
8 PTC: Private Limited Company
9 SGC: Companies owned by State Govt.
10 ULL: Public Limited Company with Unlimited Liability
11 ULT: Private Limited Company with Unlimited Liability
Thank you

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