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BF service - An intro

Introducing BF-Service( Best-Friend, Budget-Friendly, Best-freedom, Blackstone's Formulation, etc)
In 1776, when Govt of USA was introduced, the cofounders wrote in declaration-of-independence, that the only purpose of govt is to secure the life, liberty, pursuit of happiness of citizens in world, Later in 20th-century, the indian-govt-founders made that idea possible in real-world & hence today we celebrated indian-independence-day
The BF best-freedom will strive harder to sustainably achieve such noble-mission, as your best-friend, & with budget-friendly, with principle of Blackstone's formulation (protecting innocents is more important),
Ideally best-freedom means freedoms at free-of-cost at zero-budget, like freedoms given by mother-nature, If can succeed in just 14-yrs since 2004, then BF can surely succeed too !
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Happy-Indian-independence-Day 2018aug15