GG - Greater Good

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Our works are basically divided into 1) Scores, Rankings, Numbers, 2) projects, 3) services, 4) Institutions & Organisations

1) Scores, Rankings, Numbers

Numbers are best defense of greater-good in universe, Hence this is our flagship work !

2) Projects

From lower-level baby-sitting-projects to highest-level UPS-universal-peace-sustainability projects, we try to work on all kinds of projects

3) Services

As GG is based on public-service, We have happy to serve wherever there is need across universe, particularly the most important needs; Needy citizens are encouraged to contact their nearest GG-office physically or they can contact via internet to any office in world, we are happy to serve/help you !

4) Institutions & Organisations

To sustainably achieve UPS universal peace, we are working in multiple organisations & institutions, particularly UC united-countries, An institution similar to united-nations, that runs self-sustainably to world-peace by reducing the dependency on funding