GG - Greater Good

About - Member States & Constituencies

Overall, there are mainly "four" types of constituencies or member-states across universe, based on


1) united-nations - 190+

2) Solar-System-Family-Model - Eight planets

3) Green-Lantern-2011-film - 3,600

4) 57-trillion, dividing earth into 57-trillion 3mX3m squares


1) 190+ nations of united-nations are clearly mentioned in wikipedia & many other website, so we hope, not much explanation is needed for that

2) As eight-planets, We proportionately allocate, earth's human population for approximately one-billion-each. Current world human population as of 2017aug is 7.7+ billion

3) Here, By combining population & geography, we proportionately allot constituencies/member-states to 3,600 constituencies for 7.7+ billion peoples of planet-earth, One Easy way to name & number the constituencies is based on their name in national-parliament, For example in india, The LokSabha (lower-house) of parliament has 545 constituencies, Each can be included in one among 3,600 constituencies, Similarly can be done for rest of the universe

4) This is smallest-level of GG, however it can also help larger mission of GG, In this methodology, Every individual can take full responsiblity for his/her own constituency