GG - Greater Good

About - Governance, Leadership, Representatives, Partners & Teams

GG's cofounders,leadership & teams, varies time to time, We have only partial list of past cofounders/leaders/teams, as many greater good-doers of past are "unknown strangers", and future list of cofounders/founders is open to anyone in universe, as there is no copyright in good-doings !

Our Leadership & teams are based on cooperation between several member-states & its members,

Overall, there are three types of constituencies or member-states across universe, based on

1) united-nations (193+),

2) Green-Lantern-2011-film (3,600),

3) (57-trillion)

GG is led more by institutions, than individuals.

Since birth of universe 13-billion years ago, the GG is driven by many members/citizens of universe, most of them although unknown, but their great effort is never forgotton, its in their memory/remembrance, we have restarted GG now.

We somewhat agree with's (time magazine of USA) candidates for top-three GG doers of 20th-century i.e Einstein/FDR/Gandhi

( ), Its important to remember that the same time-magazine named winston-churchill as person of half century in mid of 20th-century, in year 1950, but although Gandhi & FDR did come top in that time, their work inspired long-time success of GG, & hence at end of 20th-century, they came top above winston-churchill, thus time is ultimate measure of who founded/cofounded GG. The best example of this idea is christianity & jesus christ, the movement flourished greatly after life's work & lifetime of jesus-christ.

GG is "Governance (Leadership) primarily of laws, but not of men", as written in, article-30 of "Massachusetts state constitution 1779" by john adams

Leadership Titles

"Co-Leader" is most popular "Leadership-title" in GG ; Leadership titles are mostly inspired by the job-description is to be "Leader of the free universe(LOTFU)", United-Nations, Popes & Vatican, Leadership of Indian-govt, are some offices from whom we draw inspiration from. Leadership are both elected & appointed.

Some of cofounders/founders of GG in past:

1st century- Jesus Christ, Thiruvalluvar, etc ( to be updated)
19th-century- Henry Dunant, Vivekananda, Florence Nightingale, Virchand Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, etc (to be updated
18th-century- Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc ( to be updated
Before 1st millennium - Gautama Buddha, kaniyan poongundranar, Mahavira, etc ( to be updated)

An Analysis of leadership in GG-20th-century

In our GG-21st-century, its important to understand GG-20st-century's leadership;

At end of first half of 20th-century in 1949/1950, America's "time-magazine" ( declared winston-churchill as "person of half-century", but at end of 20th-century, churchill didn't make it in top-3 human-leaders of 20th-century i.e Einstein FDR Gandhi, although Gandhi died in 1948 itself, This case proves gandhi offered better long-time good-governance than churchill, so gandhi finished above churchilll in top-3 human-leaders of 20th-century, So we must work for elected leadership-candidates who can give long-time good-governance for universe/world.

CoFounders of GG of particular specific "time period" can also be choosen/elected after completion of time, For example, selected Einstein/FDR/Gandhi as candidates for GG-20, after completion of 20th-century at end of year 1999 & beginning of year 2000.

Its important to remember that GG-21's cofounders/founders will be rightly decided only at the end of the 21st-century similar to 20th-century  Currently, these citizens are leading, based on votes from all members in universe ; Nelson Mandela,  Abdul Kalam,  Sister Nirmala Joshi, Steve Jobs, ronald reagan, Wangari Maathai, etc.