GG - Greater Good

2017 GG Service - Awards & Prizes



List of Categories & Nominees ( In Alphabetical Order) (Nominations accepted till 2017jan5)

(Last updated 2017oct31)

1) Air Relations Service

a) mother-nature, b) etc

2) Alternate solution to big problems service

   a) united-nations, b) etc

3) Animation, graphics design, live-cartoons Service

   a) etc

 4) Agriculture & Farming Service

   a) etc

5) Animal Rights & Veterinary Service

  a) Scan Foundation india, b) etc

6) Automation service

    a) etc

7) Banking Service

  a) Mother Nature, etc

8) Business Service

  a) united-nations, b) infosys, c) etc

9) Citizens Service

  a) etc 

10) Children-Service

  a) Mother-Nature, b) etc

11) Comedy service

  a), b) etc

12) Defense Service

   a) Mother Nature, b) etc

13) Economics, financial, Venture Capital Service

  a) Mother-Nature, b) Jio, c) etc

14) Education Management Service


15) Energy Services

  a) mother-nature, b) etc

16) Engineering Services

17)  Entertainment Service

  a), b) etc

18) Environmental Services

 a) etc

19) Events Services

  a) etc

20) Foods Production & Delivery Services

21) Films & movies- longer version (longer than 1-hour category)

  a) still searching, b) etc

22) Films & movies- shorter version (shorter than 1-hour category)

  a) still searching, b) etc

23) Government Relations Service

   a) antonio guterres, b) justin trudeau,  c) etc

24) Healthcare, Medical, Nursing Service, Wellness, Fitness, Pharmaceutical Hospitality 

  a) hans rosling, b) etc

25) International relations & public relations service

a) united-nations, b) european-union, c) etc

26) Information & data Services

  a), b) etc 

27) judicial service

a) ICJ, b) etc

28) Legal, rule of laws, Legislative, etc

a) etc

29) Maths Service

   a) Colors Infinity,  b) etc

30) Media, News, Press Service

   a) Daphne Caruana Galizia, b) etc

31) Memes 

  a) still searching, b) etc

32) Musics & songs service

33) Non-profits Service

  a) Nishabda Seva trust,  b) TeamEverest,  c) etc

34) Operating-System Service

   a) mother-nature b) zoho, c) etc

35) Outer-Space Service

   a) mother nature, b) salvation tv series

36) Peace in world & universe Service

  a) Mother Nature b) Stanislav Petrov, c), d) etc

37) Photography Service

38) Political Service

   a) mother-nature

39) Public Safety Service

   a) mother-nature, b) , c) global-christian-workers, d) RSafe, 3) etc

40) Public Service

    a) Mother Nature, b) etc

41) Religious Services

42) Sciences & Technological Services

43) Security Services

44) Startups Service

  a) Sabarmathi of south india, b), etc

45) Sports & Games Service

  a) still searching, b) etc

46) Teaching Service

   1) shekinah soft solutions, 2) Sabarmathi of south india, etc

47) Textiles & fashion Service

48) TV content providing service

  a) still searching, b) etc

49) Transportation, Automotive

50) visual effects & graphics design

51) to be continued, etc